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English 12 - 1st Quarter

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Google Docs - MLA Template


Class Calendar 







09/08 - 09/10

Week #1-1


School Begins - 

Classroom Rules Review. Remember to turn the Parent Signature portion in. Have materials by Monday 9/13 - That includes a Composition Book.

Online review of Class Website and Google Docs.


Shared  a Test Document with


Online review of Class Website and Google Docs.


-Completed Computer Information Form.

09/13 - 09/17

Week #1-2

Writer's Notebook

English 12 Pretest 

English 12 Pretest



English 12 Pretest


  • Quick Write #2 - Write about a time you struggled.
Survivors of the Holocaust Movie

09/20 - 09/24 

Week #1-3

Survivors of the Holocaust Movie


Quick Write #3 - Reflect on the film

Mini Lessons #2 - #3 Essential Questions 


Assigned Essay #1

In Class - Write 1st Draft. If you didn't finish it, it's homework. It must be done before class on Thursday.

Peer Editing


Revise Draft #1


(Writing Notebook Check #1)

Type "Final Copy" in Library.

09/27 - 10/01 

Week #1-4

Essay #1 - Due 7:35 am. NO EXCEPTIONS. -


Discussed Propaganda techniques



WW II Propaganda Poster analysis - Done in Groups
 WWII Speech Analysis - Hitler's Orders of the Day & FDR's Declaration of War Speech - Done in Groups
Reviewed both poster analysis and speech analysis. Both are to be turned in for grade. 
Homecoming Day - Extra Credit Logic Problems - Writer's notebooks due.

10/04 - 10/08

Week #1-5

Read and Discussed the Prefaces to Night

Read pgs. 3-22 of Night


Character Charts (7th)

Character Charts (6th) Mini Lesson #4 - Night Quotations


Quick Write #4 - Night Focus Question #1 - (Why did the Jews allow the Germans to remove them from their homes?)

Read pp. 23-46


-Finish Reading to p. 46

-Quick Write #5 - FQ #2


- Read Elie Wiesel's poem Never Shall I Forget


Write your own Never Shall I forget poem using his a model. Due Monday beginning of class.

10/11 - 10/15

Week #1-6

Read 47-65

Read 66-84


Quick Write #6 - A Taste of Soup

Read  85-115 

Essential Question Focus and Review - Read Weisel's Peril's of Indifference


Did You Know Video

Introduction to Final Project (Midterm)

Research in class

Resources for Final Project

10/18 - 10/22

Week #1-7

Work on Presentations (library)

Work on Presentations


Work on Presentations


Work on Presentations
Work on Presentations

10/15 - 10/29

Week #1-8

Final Project Presentations day #1
Final Project Presentations day #2
Final Project Presentations day #3
Final Project Presentations day #4

Teacher Inservice

- No School? 

11/01 - 11/05

Week #1-9

Presentation Make Up Day.

County Wide  


No School



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