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English 10 - 1st Quarter

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09/08 - 09/10

Week #1-1


School Begins - 

Classroom Rules - Turn in signed parent section.

Literary Terms Review - Write the definition for each of the terms on the


Continued with Literary Terms Review 

09/13 - 09/17

Week #1-2

Checked for supplies

Checked Lit Terms in class -


- Reviewed 5 Paragraph Essay and MLA style writing 



Assigned Essay - What three thing make JHS Successful? OR What three Things would you change about JHS? English 10 Pretest  English 10 Pretest

09/20 - 09/24 

Week #1-3

 - Collected Essay - Introduction to McCarthyism  and the House Un-American Activities Committee Good Night and Good Luck - Film about Edward R.  Murrow and his role in stopping Sen. McCarthy 
 Good Night and Good Luck -The Power of One - (YouTube Link) Discussed how one person can make a difference -Assigned The Power of the Individual Essay.  Began writing the first draft
Typed The Power of the Individual Essay

09/27 - 10/01 

Week #1-4

(Homecoming Week)

Complete The Power of the Individual essay - Due 1st hour Tuesday.

Reading the Dying Girl That No One Helped.

Journal write on topic.

Library Research about Puritans
Library Research about Puritans

10/04 - 10/08

Week #1-5


10/11 - 10/15

Week #1-6


10/18 - 10/22

Week #1-7


10/15 - 10/29

Week #1-8


Teacher Inservice

- No School? 

11/01 - 11/05

Week #1-9


County Wide  


No School



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